Volume 1 of the series "An Improbable Emergence" - 277 pages

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“The paradox of life, in your terms, is born of the tensions between action and stillness. Your views that opposites simultaneously attract and repel like lusting and incompatible lovers, intensify the dilemma that one is to be chosen over the other, when in reality they must co-exist. Some of your early philosophers understood the natural union of extremes and the importance of not attaching value to one at the cost of the other. What stifles progressive thinking is the separation of those unions into conflicting factions that engender the radicalization of the tensions that emerge, into incontrovertible untruths. Wars do not lead to peace any more than peace leads to wars; these terms are logical fallacies that further undermine the marriage of the spiritual and the physical, while highlighting the fundamental flaws of the conceited ego. The natural dilemma that stems from existence, doesn’t lend itself to extreme ideologies geared towards endless conflicts, or the stifling of universal expansion; your mass system of beliefs does. As I have previously mentioned, experience is measured in terms of intensity. Joy and pain are perceived with equal dynamism at the spiritual end. There is no valid reason for your eras of renaissance to not extend indefinitely; only your limited knowledge of the mechanics behind creational impetus, in concert with your lack of appreciation for the high spiritual value of heightened consciousness through the arts, blind you to the true nature of opposites and the exquisite balance of their combined virtues.”

Goddess Ma-l to Olaf Swyndle