I am what one may call a seasoned guitarist/tunesmith. My songs and stories are composed of many snapshots collected along the lesser traveled roads of social wasteland as well as the fast lanes of high life. Positive or not, they reside close to my heart...


New album in the making! Also, my 12th novel~~my first in French~~should be out by summer. I shall keep you posted as the creative process moves forward.


Peace and love!


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Music and literature are my raisons d'être. I don't concern myself with trends or formulas; subsequently, I have no need to hold back from what inspires me. Philosophically speaking, I simply aim to stay true to my inner voice.

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At this point in time, I have penned eleven novels of fiction, spanning areas of the social realm as we know it, as well as the deep strata of fantasy, where reality and dreams become indistinguishable from each other. Overall, investigative work, metaphysics, and philosophy form the larger contents of my stories.