Ghetto review

First of all, this is an instrumental guitar album, performed and produced by someone who is nothing short of a master at his craft… From the lead track (Skatu) to the end of the album (Ghost Story), Mr. Voignier takes us on a journey that can be best summed as a mixture of mesmerizing and breathtaking! You should absolutely check this musical gem by one of the best kept secret in Rock music! (Paris-Move review)

Service Road review

After having familiarized myself with Francis Voignier’s previous album, the all instrumental GHETTO, I did not expect to find myself listening to a series of perfectly crafted songs with exceptional and thought provoking lyrics! Mr Voignier’s distinctive voice, combined with passionate and sensual guitar playing puts this artist in a class of his own! There are only great songs on this album, wow! (Paris-Move review)

High Winds review

Francis Voignier is no stranger to exacting incredible music in a studio or before a live audience. He is the consummate professional at both instrumentation and vocals. He has a definitive style that cannot be copied nor replaced. There are few musicians that match his expertise on electric guitar and man it shows. With 15 albums under his belt from 1978 to 2010, Francis Voignier has continued to lead the way in cutting edge albums.

His newest release "High Winds" is certainly no exception. Released just this year, 2011, Francis Voignier dazzles us with his phenomenal abilities on the electric guitar. But this man also plays bass and does the horn arrangements as well as lead guitar. Francis is simply brilliant ! It seems everything he touches turns to gold. It certainly did on this album. His distinctive vocal style attracts and holds the listener from the first note till the last. The lyrics on each track are well written, taking you on journeys deep within emotions and experiences. It dawns on you immediately that you are in the presence of someone special. I have a huge amount of respect for Artists who reach the level of expertise I hear on this album. Francis Voignier reigns supreme!

Joining Francis Voignier on this album are Eric "Slide" Larmier. who plays slide guitar on "How the world was saved" and "Crazy". Also Alan Redmond, who plays bass on "High Winds" and Alejandro Del Toro on drums. Together, they have put forth one of the most memorable albums this year, perhaps this decade. Francis Voignier makes magic on those strings. His style is smooth yet raunchy and hard hitting. The recording and mastering of High Winds is exceptional. I am sure by now, you can tell I am impressed by Francis Voignier's work. The proof is in the pudding. High Winds is brilliant!

The 3 tracks I have singled out are:

1 - Crazy - This track got my attention right off the hop. Strong instrumentation and song writing skills, makes this song a winner. Francis Voignier nails it to the wall! I loved Francis's vocals.

2 - High Winds - Title track. This instrumental track showcases Francis Voignier's extraordinary talent on electric guitar. For those guitar enthusiasts, Francis shows you how its supposed to sound. He certainly makes that guitar sing. Well done.

3 - Tricks In The Bag - This is an electric guitar lead, upbeat, rockers dream. Vocals are exceptional and song writing talents shine through making Tricks in the bag a huge success. Once again instrumentation is off the wall. Brilliant song!

Overall, High Winds, has something for everyone. Most impressive indeed! It is refreshing to hear the electric guitar played with such expertise. Matched with amazing distinctive vocals but not overtaking them, it is a marriage made in heaven. Reminds me of when music of the 70's & 80's in the UK reined supreme. My hopes are high now that Francis Voignier has reminded me, it is still out there. Keep rocking Francis, we love you!

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Indie Showcase 2011

Steve Hillage, take that! One of A Family Affair S.A.'s favorite players, Steve's passionate serendipity with what we call *electric guitar* has had few equals in my lifetime. Francis' CD Between the Eyes displays similar elan, hypnotic grace and just the right touch of danger. Serious shredding + composition @ work, FV! We are your groupies -Zen Archer, A Family Affair-

Between the Eyes review