NEW LIFE (The later solo years)

... ISOR was recorded in 2005. The year before, a few weeks ahead of my 50th birthday and unbeknownst to me, Elisabeth moved to my old digs, Sandy Bar Ranch, down the road from my new pad and we were reunited for the long run.


In 2002, two years after cleaning up my act, I located my daughter Natalie and we patched and healed as much as we could. No doubt that damage had been done, but fortunately it was not irreversible.

My new house was in the town of Somes Bar, at the confluence of the Klamath and Salmon Rivers, and I don’t think there were many more beautiful places on Earth. I just needed to look out the window for inspiration; it was simply stunning. My dog Noodle is buried there on a cliff overlooking both rivers, one of our favorite spots where we would just sit and meditate. My cat Tunes was born just as I moved in. I lived there for eight years during which time I recorded everything from “In Search Of Reason” to “Tough”. By then, the Mbox had given way to a somewhat more sophisticated recording set-up. The Superfines and I also parted after nearly ten years; an extremely long stretch by musical standards.

And so end the years in the wilderness as the fickleness of time and friends relentlessly pushes one to never stagnate for too long, regardless of how comfortable that idleness may be. A couple of years ago Elisabeth and I moved out of the woods to the small college city of Arcata, and I am now in the early process of planning a production facility for both my own needs and those of aspiring local artists. Of course, many of you know by now that I also build guitars. There is no rest for the wicked!

Peace, my friends!

Need some machine gun noises on your tracks? This impact wrench makes short work of it! During the recording of "Ghetto" for the album by the same name.