For vigilance's sake

"I’ve now been on both side of this case – though technically it’s no longer one.

I know everything there is to know about the realms and the participants that made it all happen. Le Lien is the branch that deals with trouble when trouble occurs – which doesn’t mean we create it – or wish for it to happen. When it’s not around, we do the other things we like to do. I enjoy snooping around and taking notes, so I asked the history department if they could use another hand with a pen. I also volunteer in the kitchen with my best girlfriend Lillian, her beau Geir, and his good friend Marshall who’s also my good friend. I believe Lillian and I, with Liv and Spencer, in tandem with The Triad, were the first Angels to fully enter in an open contract with humans and work as a team. I am proud of it – especially considering it brought us all here together at the eve of a celebration for the ages.

A few days ago I met Angel Bluefeather and we hit it off. I needed a dose of healthy love – no strings attached.

To Earth’s people who might get to read these words, know that there is a fundamental difference between your Angels and ours – but I digress.

So since we don’t expect trouble, I am not looking for it. That being said, vigilance is still de rigueur since what we have here appears to be a large contingent of Angels who have not been seen together since trouble was the Guild’s middle name – just a reflex on my part..."

Angel Vera, team Le Lien, Guild archivist

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 An Improbable Emergence  volume 3

A Guild of Masters' recorded account of the celebration of the official launch of the realms organized by ex-Warrior/Great Goddess Ma-l that sees all the actors gathered in one place. Intrigue, sexual unions, ceremonies and behind-the-scene alliances weave in and out of inter-dimensional portals during the week-long gathering...