I am what you would call a seasoned guitarist/tunesmith from Europe.  My songs and stories are made of the many snap shots collected from along the lesser traveled roads of social wasteland and the fast lanes of high life. Seldom sweet or pretty, they exist dangerously near the surgical edge of  reality as I see and live it...


Francis Voignier makes magic on those strings. His style is smooth yet raunchy and hard hitting. The recording and mastering of High Winds is exceptional. I am sure by now, you can tell I am impressed by Francis Voignier's work. The proof is in the pudding. High Winds is brilliant!

Shashona McCalls/Indie showcase

General mayhem still reigns but...

the recording of the album "Chasms & Echoes" has been completed. CD is available on Amazon (please leave reviews) - you can also listen to it and download it on Bandcamp.  Also, the release of my 6th novel "Reyes & Leeds" is scheduled

for June 30th 2018

Peas & luv


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Music is my raison d'être. What I put into it is what I have, nothing less. I do not concern myself with trends or what others do to break through the layers; subsequently I do not feel a need to hold back from what inspires me. Philosophically speaking, I simply want to stay true to my own voice.

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